Nick Douglas – Through The Pane

September 2nd, 2007 | by dwyer |
From the first glance at the cover featuring a man in a white shirt standing against a brick wall I thought this was some random CD that had got lost in the post and ended up with us. However, a look at the back revealed it to be from Painkiller Records. Strange. Further digging showed that Nick Douglas in fact plays bass for legendary metal babe Doro Pesch. That would explain it then. So is it pure heavy metal bass solos? Far from it. It’s actually radio friendly pop rock with a plethora of acoustic guitar ballads. Nick can sing reasonably well and the production is good but it won’t appeal to any metal fans or even to any indie fans. It’s just too soft and unexciting so I can’t recommend it unless you really have a thing for soft rock ballads.

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